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My name is HERSCHEL WEINGROD. I've been working as a  professional screenwriter for over 20 years. Among my credits are: 


I also produced FALLING DOWN and executive-produced one independent feature and three award-winning shorts.

I assume you've written or are writing a motion picture screenplay. You know that you have lots of company and competition is fierce. You may also know that even if you manage to get your screenplay submitted to an agent, producer, etc., it will have to survive a gauntlet of readers who spend most of their time saying "No."

They do this for two reasons, first and foremost, because most of what they're asked to read is truly terrible; I know, because I was a reader for several years. The other reason is based on fear. To say "Yes" and then fail is how studio executives lose their jobs. But saying "No" can backfire, too. Consider the readers who passed on ET, FORREST GUMP, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, and other hits.

So how can YOU overcome these odds? How can you write a SELLING DOCUMENT, not a shooting script but an invitation to make a movie that will seduce that gauntlet of readers into saying "Yes?"

I can't offer you any guarantees. What I can offer you is the benefit of my 25 years' working experience in this industry. I can offer you my subjective evaluation of your story, your narrative skills, your characters, your dialog, your level of craftsmanship, and your talent. I can offer you what I think will be "Hollywood's" take on your material and then give you specific suggestions for improving your screenplay's chances of being sold.

What I WON'T do is say that your script has to have three acts, that it needs this on page 10 or a mid-Second-Act climax on page whatever. I will not provide you with models of a formulaic and antiseptic cinema that is more about the audience's blood pressure than its heart and mind.

Still interested? Check out my services.



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